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Why support AWC?

  • AWC owns and manages more than 4.6 million hectares around Australia in iconic regions like the Kimberley and Cape York.
  • AWC protects more species than any other non-government organisation in Australia:
    • 72% of all mammal species
    • 88% of all bird species
  • Nearly 80% of AWC staff are based in the field implementing fire management, feral animal control and world class science.
  • 84% of our operational expenditure is on conservation programs, with only 16% on fundraising and administration combined.
  • AWC protects some of the largest remaining populations of iconic Australian species such as Numbats and Bilbies.

Other ways to donate

Phone +61 8 9380 9633 or download a donation form from our website at www.australianwildlife.org/support-awc/donate

Australian Wildlife Conservancy